Australasian Food Corporation Ltd Correction to Warrant Exercise Form

Australasian Food Corporation Limited (AFC) the NZAX listed company advises the market that there is an error in the Exercise Form relating to its current warrant issue.

The form is a standard form based on the form used by Barramundi in a totally unrelated matter.

The name Barramundi was left in one place in error. That should have been replaced by Australasian Food Corporation Ltd.

The relevant part of the form should read as follows: Page 2 under heading

By the holder’s completion of this form, the holder hereby declares that:

“ The Holder will indemnify Australasian Food Corporation Limited against costs , loss or damages arising out of the warrants being mortgaged, pledged, transferred, subject to a security interest or otherwise dealt with. “ The corrected form is attached.

No action is required to be taken by warrant holders on account of the error, as the error does not affect the validity of any exercise of warrants.

We confirm that there is no relationship between the companies (Barramundi and AFC) and apologise to any party who is inconvenienced by the error.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Brent King Director 17 May 2016

May 17, 2016 AFC News
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