About Australasian Food Corporation Ltd

key details about our companyWhat Makes Us Different?

AFC Food Corporation Ltd. (AFC)  is listed on The new Zealand Stock Exchange ( NZX) New Zealand, stock code: AFC. It also has 31-12-17 warrants listed as AFCWA.  The company is headquartered in Auckland, It is a diversified group  specializing in food research and development, manufacturing, marketing and cross-border trade. It  has a  sales network throughout New Zealand, Australia and China. AFC is one of the few  New Zealand listed companies that offers high-quality products to Chinese customers through cross-board electronic  business. AFC owns National Dairy Group limited , Longview Wine Estate, AFC GoGlobal E-Commerce Ltd., and AFC International Trading Company Ltd. AFC has a strong policy of  integration of  all subsidiary companies which creates significant  business advantage. AFC brand is developing strongly and it is  increasing its profile  as a listed company in New Zealand.

Our Mission

  1. Business Philosophy

    AFC’s  businesses philosophy is to  offer customers  high-quality products which enhance their health and/or their lifestyle. We are committed  to offering Chinese customers  high-quality milk, honey, wine, beef, mutton, health care products, skin care products and other high-quality goods at preferential prices all sourced from New Zealand or Australia.

  2. Enterprise Vision

    Our vision is to build a  world-class food and services conglomerate which acts as a  bridge to  China for Australian and New Zealand products. Through open cross-board trade, AFC strives to bring high-quality products of Australian and New-Zealand to Chinese customers, so that every Chinese family can enjoy high-quality products.

  3. Business Purpose

    We offer high-quality products to Chinese customers with adhering to the concept of client and quality first. In order to maintain high quality product standards , all sold products are carefully assessed  and double checked.

  4. Employment philosophy

    AFC follows the principle of putting people first.

    As such AFC  has established a set of modern enterprise management system .It has also built multi-dimensional, wide-ranging talent frame system

  5. Social Responsibility

    AFC takes it’s social responsibilities very seriously. As such AFC assisted in the establishment of Guangdong Farmside Charitable Foundation through donations of cash and kind. This Foundation makes donations to assist in Education by funding student fees, Health buy donations to fight disease  and for health education, plus donations to agribusiness innovation, AFC is proud of it’s involvement I this Charitable Trust.


  1. National Dairy Group Limited

    National Dairy Group Limited (NDG) is a Dairy Company  active in research and development, manufacturing and management. Its products are passed the qualification of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in New Zealand. NDG is a  subsidiary of Australasian Food Corporation(AFC), NDG owns the “ Morning “ brand plus  other brands. Its products are sold  across New Zealand, Australia and China. NDG promotes natural health and scientific nutrition, to provide its customers with the best quality health food.

  2. Longview Wine Estate

    Established by the Vuletich family in 1969, Longview Estate Wines  pioneered wine-growing  in Whangarei.  Longview is the oldest  vineyard in northern New Zealand with a total area of 6.5 hectares of vines. The Winery produces  a series  of wines with annual output of 60 tonnes. Avrieties  include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Syrah, Chardonnay, White Diamond and Gerwurztraminer. The major wines are Reserve Gewurztraminer 2014, Reserve Chardonnary 2013, New Release Limited Edition Barrique Chardonnay 2012, White Diamond 2015, Reserve Maree’s Malbec 2010, Malbec – Merlot 2012 and Gumdiggers Port. White Diamond 2015 is the unique product in New Zealand. White Diamond grapes produce a sweet, fragrant, fruity wine, with an intense grape flavor.  “Once tasted never forgotten”.

  3. New Zealand GoGlobal Electronic Commerce Company

    GoGlobal is a platform which specialises in the sale of quality New Zealand and Australian products to China. This easy to use international platform allows producers and retailers to access the vast Chinese market with ease. The sellers can control their own prices, inventory, and all other aspects of the marketing and sales process from New Zealand.

    GoGlobal technology is cutting edge world wide.

  4. AFC International Trading Company

    AFC International Trading Co ( AFCIT)  was setup to purchase products in new Zealand and to export these to China and Hong Kong . AFCIT has the capital  resources of AFC behind it and hence it can purchase products from suppliers and export these to the most lucrative markets. The ability to pay cash allows AFCIT to obtain the best buy price.  AFCIT has helped many exporters to access the Chinese and Hong Kong markets without having to spend valuable money on  expensive market trips and promotion .

    AFCIT has grown very quickly since its establishment in early 2016. It has exported products as diverse as beef, milk powder, cosmetics, health foods and  supplements.

200Professional Staff
25Years of Experience

Our BoardWho’s behind the scenes?

Yang Xia
XIA YANG had long been as the director of government’s finance department in Chaohu city, China, and took senior positions in large and medium-sized stated-owned enterprises with years of business management experiences.
Mr.BRENT KING is a famous entrepreneur in New Zealand ,has over 25 years of experience in corporate management
Rewi Hamid Bugo is a graduate of the University of Canterbury. He has business experiences in several sectors including oil and gas, property development, insurance broking and travel and tourism.
Charles Cao
CHARLES CAO is a Chinese National and a New Zealand Citizen. He moved to New Zealand in 1994 . With over 22 years business management experiences

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