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In 1969, Vuletich family came to the God’s backyard–New Zealand from Europe to look for a perfect place for growing grape. Finally, effort not too long, they planted the family’s most precious white diamond grape with secret recipe in the northern region– Whangarei Bay. With applying crafts of thousands of years and devoting themselves to creating rare precious wine,Vuletich family pioneered wine-growing in Whangarei, which is their life as well as their future.

Nature is fair to all species on Earth. In 1880, the white diamond grape has successfully cross bred with strong aroma and distinguished quality in New York, which was once popular among fruit farmers. However, most fruit farmers have to keep it at a peaceful distance for its unfavorable grafting, difficulty replanting, less fruiting and lower productivity. There is a few ofplace to plant white diamond worldwide. That is the reason why the white diamond wine becomes more and more rare and precious.

The white diamond grape is highly sensitive to terrior and climate. In an area of 270,000 square kilometers of New Zealand, only the place across the Whangarei Bay has the most appropriate area for the growth of white diamond grape, which is rich in minerals and the organic ingredients of marine shellfish developed in the movement of the crust in prehistory,ensuring a unique taste of white diamond grape. Sitting west to east, wine trellis set up in slopes with perfect drainage, and moist breezes from westerlies and plenty of sunshine from South Pacific.

Compared with the rest of the wines all over the world, Vuletich family applies an idealistic approach regardless of cost to brew white diamond wine , and always adhere to the principle of putting quality before quantity.

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